GoodWork – first blockchain-based coworking project


Closed pre-sale of GoodWork project starts on 25th April. This project is the most advanced ICO of 2018 on the real estate market. Let us consider what makes this project so special.

GoodWork is the first blockchain-based coworking project. There is a special offer of ICO: the location of the first co-working space is chosen by all “OOO” tokenholders. It depends on geographic and economic indicators of particular regions. There are favorable terms of using coworking spaces for ICO members and also some additional services. They provide basic access to GoodNet and GoodCRM business systems.

According to statistics, such big companies as Bosh, Samsung and IBM collaborates with coworking companies in the USA and Europe, placing their departments in coworking spaces. Increasing incomes of the well-known companies on the market show how profitable and fast growing this industry is. For example, WeWork company was established in 2010, but its income for 2014 was $121,4 million.

Join the closed pre-sale before 15th May and become a part of GoodWork.


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